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We provide simple and smart software solutions for CargoWise and other logistics players that escalate your business at reduced costs. Be seated. Let’s take care of your requirements.

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Carguber is your logistics companion.


Carguber is your logistics companion.

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Customization in your CargoWise screen

No more okaying the static templates from the CargoWise gallery to manage the data. Let’s customize the way you want the templates to look like—attractive and smart

Integrate anything you

Integrating various operations on your CargoWise screen is not tricky anymore. Carguber has got you covered! We can integrate everything you require at any time.

Track your shipment from anywhere

With various portals, dashboards, and notifications, you can organize your shipping process and track them whenever you want. We keep your eye fed properly.

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you need Carguber?

Hands-on expertise with more than 20+ years of experience in the Logistics industry. We’ve seen everything, including the ups and downs of this industry, and handled many clients worldwide. Hence, your problem is our experience, and your business is in safe hands!

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Supply Chain Manager

Carguber's services are perfect solutions for logistics problems, and they're in detail. The team is supportive and skilled.



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Pristine and transparent operations we received from the Carguber team. Thanks a lot!




It's an excellent platform to collaborate. You get the best of everything in the industry. We're fortunate to find Carguber.

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