Let’s track your
container as you

At last, your container is safe with us! Carguber can integrate and activate the container tracking module in CargoWise, enabling auto-tracking of your container updates.
Carguber support
Aaryan, Operations Manager.

Get instant tracking updates without delay

We can set up the workflow templates for the container tracking and initial registry setup. Guess what? The rest is Bingo!

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Why choose this solution?

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Advanced data security

We care for your data & you can
rest assured they're safe.

End-to-end customization

One-stop destination for all your
customization requirements.

Easy mass deployment

Ensuring seamless mass deployment
with practical efficiencies.

Booking details can be integrated with vessel details, cargo
details, and basic shipment details. We can then integrate it
back into CargoWise. Shall we talk?
Aaryan, Operations Manager.

What our
are saying

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We can integrate
the things you

“Carguber is the best customization support I’ve ever received. They went the extra mile at every stage to get my work done. I would recommend them unreservedly.”

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