We can update
the way you

It’s vital to update the milestone details in CargoWise through APIs. With appropriate APIs, we can update the events like ATD, ATA, Rail to console, etc., in CargoWise.
Carguber support
Aaryan, Operations Manager.

Notify and update milestones via APIs

Updating your milestone details in CargoWise is no more a hectic task when you have Carguber to back you up.

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Why choose this solution?

End-to-end customization

One-stop destination for all your
customization requirements.

Stress-free processes

Let's take care of your system related
customization while you relax.

Advanced data security

We care for your data & you can rest
assured they're safe.

Cost-effective services

We offer high-end customization
services for a cost-affordable price.

Easy mass deployment

Ensuring seamless mass deployment
with practical efficiencies.

Vendor performance analytics

Add extra value to your business
by acquiring relevant vendor data.

Your team needs to focus on improving business, not following up on orders. We can customize & automate all cases, helping you to focus on your business.
Aaryan, Operations Manager.

We can customize
the way you want.

“Carguber is the best customization support I’ve ever received. They went the extra mile at every stage to get my work done. I would recommend them unreservedly.”

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